Frequently Asked Questions

Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go

Please visit our Park Rules & Policies page for more information.

When is Wet'n'Wild Sydney open?

Wet'n'Wild Sydney is a seasonal water park. Keep an eye out on the website for the most up to date operating hours.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney is open on select public holidays excluding Christmas Day (25 December).

If it is raining, will Wet'n'Wild Sydney be open?

In the case of inclement weather Wet’n’Wild Sydney reserve the right to close the park or amend operating hours to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Check our website for daily updates.

If the all rides are in suspension due to weather or the park closes more than an hour before the posted closing time for the day, Guests attending the park on a paid day ticket will receive a return visit pass. During a suspension period the pass will only be issued if the guest is leaving the park for the day and not returning.

Can I buy my tickets at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes, however we recommend pre-purchasing online to save time and money. Simply printing your day ticket at home and go directly to the park entrance. For Season Passes take a copy of your receipt to our Season Pass Centre to collect you Season Pass MyBand

Do I need to purchase a ticket even if I'm not riding
any slides or getting into the water at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Regardless of a guest’s level of participation, whether or not a guest plans on riding slides or getting into the water, a ticket is required for admission.

At what age does a child require a ticket at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Children 3 years and younger do not require a ticket to enter the park, and toddlers are welcome to attend with an adult who has a valid Season Pass or Single Day Admission.

Who qualifies for a junior single day admission at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Guests aged 4 years and above, and are under 110cm are eligible to purchase a Junior’s Single Day Admission.

Why are admission prices based on height at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

At Wet’n’Wild Sydney the ability to participate on attraction is based on height requirements stipulated by the ride manufacturer. Guests who are 110cm or taller will be able to participate on a majority of the park’s attraction. A discounted single day admission price is provided for guests under 110cm who have fewer attractions available to them.

How much is my ticket if I am pregnant?

Wet'n'Wild Sydney offers FREE 1-day admission to expecting mothers. This is only available at the front gate, and women must produce a doctor's certificate and valid ID to qualify.

Can I come to the Park to purchase my
Wet'n'Wild Sydney Season Pass?

Yes, however we recommend pre-purchasing online to save money. We also have the Season Pass Centre at the entry of the park that will be able to assist you with purchasing your Season Passes in park.

When is Wet'n'Wild Sydney Season Pass Centre open?

Season Pass Centre operating days and hours can be found on our website here.

How do I get my Wet'n'Wild Sydney MyBands?

Guests can pick up their MyBands from Wet'n'Wild Sydney by visiting our Season Pass Centre. Season Pass Centre operating days and hours can be found on our website here.

How do I load money on my Wet'n'Wild Sydney MyBand?

You can top up your MyBand in park at any retail or food and beverage outlet, or at Guest Services. Read more about MyBand on our website here.

I lost my Wet'n'Wild Sydney MyBand. Can it be replaced?

Yes, to receive a replacement MyBand please visit our Season Pass Centre or Guest Services team during park open hours. Please note there is a MyBand replacement fee of $5.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney operating hours can be found on our website here.

How do I upload a photo for my
Wet'n'Wild Sydney Season Pass?

Each pass holder will be identified by a photo at the front gate entry. Pictures can be added to passes at the Season Pass Centre and added to your band whenever you decide to visit.

Does the purchase of admission include other items at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

No. Food, parking, merchandise, locker rentals, Tap'n'Play, pay-per-ride attractions, special concerts or events are not included in the cost of admission.

Who qualifies for a Concession single day admission
ticket at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Wet’n’Wild Sydney offer concession single day admission tickets to people with a disability, carers, and people 65 years and older who hold an authorized seniors or concession card.

Do you provide concession rates and services for persons
with a disability at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

The concession rate will be available for guests holding a State or Commonwealth issued Disability Pension Card.

A guest with a disability who produces their Companion Card ( is entitled to one (1) free of charge companion ticket so that their companion can provide attendant care and support during the visit.

Guests who produce a Carer's Card (or similar) issued by relevant State or Commonwealth authorities (as opposed to a Companion Card) are eligible for the concession rate.

Parking for guests who possess a valid disabled parking permit will also be available near the park’s main gate entrance ramp. These car parking spaces are clearly marked with the International Disability Symbol.

What is Tap'n'Play?

Tap'n'Play reserves your ride so you don't have to wait in line. Simply enjoy all the fun that the park has to offer and return to the slide when it's your turn. Tap'n'Play is operational from 11am.

To use, simply activate and collect your Tap'n'Play band at the Tap’n’Play stand located inside the park near the Box Office. Tap your Tap'n'Play wristband at the kiosks, reserve a slide and enjoy the park until it’s your time to slide. It's that easy!

Our Platinum Season Passholders have our Tap'n'Play Basic system built in FREE! To access Tap’n’Play simply activate your MyBand, then visit one of the Red Tap’n’Play Kiosks in park to reserve a slide, play more and queue less!

Tap'n'Play Xpress lets you reduce waiting time by 50%. Once you've purchased Tap'n'Play Xpress, just visit a kiosk, tap your special Tap'n'Play wristband, select your ride tower and enjoy the park until its your time to slide.

Tap'n'Play Priority is the best of the best, reducing your waiting time by 90%. As with Xpress, purchase your special Tap'n'Play wristband and make your reservations and enjoy the park with the shortest amount of waiting time.

Tap'n'Play Xpress and Priority will be available to purchase online or at the park. Numbers are limited and a security deposit is required for the wristband.

What is a pay-per-ride attraction at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Wet’n’Wild Sydney has one limited capacity attraction, Sydney SkyCoaster, that requires an additional fee to participate. For more information please visit Sydney SkyCoaster

How can I see my Wet'n'Wild Sydney
MyMemories photos?

Just visit Magic Memories in park and they will send you a copy of your photos through email.

Experiencing issues? We have a dedicated team that will be able to assist you. Contact for more information.

What is the Bring-a-Friend free ticket?

The Bring-a-Friend free ticket allows you to bring someone in to the park on one operating day during the season. The ticket is valid once during the season. The ticket can not be used on Sundays, Public holidays or on the day you collect your Season Passes.

Platinum Season Passholders receive two Bring-a-Friend Free tickets and Gold Season Passholders receive one Bring-a-Friend Free ticket.

Am I able to refund my Day Ticket or Season Pass?

Season Passes, Day Tickets, Lockers, Tap'n'Play, Parking, Cabanas and pay-per-ride attractions are non-refundable.

Day Tickets may be used on any single operating day during the season.

Season Passes may be transferred to another person provided it has not yet been used.

If you are unable to visit us this season, please email Guest Services for assistance.

Where are the toilet and change room facilities at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Accessible toilets and change room facilities are available throughout the park. Toilets can be located at the main entrance, near the H2GO Races, at The Beach, at The Surf Club and near The Surf Deck.

Is there a Lost and Found at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Lost and Found is situated at Guest Services, which is located at the main entrance. The Lost and Found department can be reached during normal operating hours.

What if I get separated from my child, parents,
family or friends at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

We have trained staff and an action plan to assist reuniting separated children and parents. Please visit Guest Services located next to the front gate for assistance.

We recommend you designate a meeting point at the start of your day to assist with locating family and friends should you become separated.

Do I have to pay for parking at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes, there is a nominal fee of $5 for one day parking at Wet'n'Wild Sydney. Parking is FREE for Platinum Passholders.

Do you provide parking for Disabled Guests at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes, parking for guests who possess a valid disabiled parking permit are available near the park’s main gate entrance ramp. These car parking spaces are clearly marked with the International Disability Symbol.

Can I leave Wet'n'Wild Sydney and come back?

You may exit the park and same day re-entry is provided using a valid and attached wristband. If you leave the parking lot, you may re-enter the lot without paying for parking as long as you show your original parking receipt.

Please, do not leave parking receipt in the sun. Parking receipts are printed on thermal paper and will turn black if left in the sun.

What do I need to know about safety
at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Wet’n’Wild Sydney promotes fun and safe environment for all our guests.

Sun Safety

Wet’n’Wild Sydney endorses sun safety! Make sure you bring a hat and sunglasses for when you are not using the attractions and make sure your sunscreen offers advanced sun protection to stay on in different conditions such as in the sun, sand, wind, sweat, and contact with water. Re-apply your sunscreen every 90 minutes to ensure constant protection from damaging UV rays.

Here are some tips to stay Sun safe:

  • Slip on a shirt (long sleeve, thick material)
  • Slop on sunscreen (30+ water resistant)
  • Slap on a hat (broad rimmed are best)
  • Wrap on the sunnies (UV protective filter)

Try and avoid direct exposure to the sun during the hottest part of the day (between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm) taking advantage of shade particularly during these hours. Also, when visiting the park or being in the sun for long periods of time, be sure to keep hydrated and make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Taking time out for water breaks is the best way to keep you feeling great.

Water Safety

Wet’n’Wild Sydney follows the Royal Surf Life Saving’s guidelines for water safety, the Keep Watch program.

Keep Watch @ Wet’n’Wild Sydney:

  • Children (under 10 years) are not allowed entry unless under active supervision of a person 16 years or older.
  • Parents and guardians should actively supervise their children at all times and be dressed ready to enter a pool. For 0–5 year olds and non-swimmers, a parent or guardian needs to be in the water at all times and within arms' reach of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child i.e. playing with them, talking to them.
  • Constant active supervision is required for children aged 6–10 years old. Parents and carers must be prepared to enter the water with this age group.
  • For 11–14 year olds it is recommended that parents regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are in or around the water.

Our Lifeguards

Guest safety is our number one priority at Wet’n’Wild Sydney and our team of dedicated and professional lifeguards are an integral part of our safety procedures. Every lifeguard continues in-service training, with some of the park's lifeguards amongst the most qualified in Australia. But most importantly, each lifeguard on the team is there to make sure that every guest, big and small, gets the most out of their day at the park. Please keep in mind that lifeguards cannot watch everyone all the time, so parents must actively supervise their children.

What clothing should I wear to Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Appropriate bathing suits are required at all times.

Clothing with metal fasteners, rivets, zippers or buckles are not allowed on the slides.

Clothing and bathing suits must be appropriate for a family friendly environment.

Clothing depicting illegal substances, profanity, or gang affiliation is prohibited.

Are children required to wear swim nappies?

We highly recommend that toddlers and babies wear swim nappies. These can be purchased on arrival at our retail store.

Can we bring our children 'floaties' to use at
Wet'n'Wild Syndey?

For children's safety we have floating tubes available at Wet'n'Wild Junior.

Due to Keep Watch guidelines and the ever changing environment of Boomerang Bay and the wave pool, we do not allow the use of floatation seats.

If your child requires 'floaties' we recommend they wear arm 'floaties'.

Are there any weight restrictions for slides at
Wet’n’Wild Sydney?

In order to comply with the health and safety requirements of our slides, riders must weigh less than 135kg to ride on Towers 1 and 4. Riders must weigh a combined weight of <320kg to ride Towers 2 and 3. Restrictions may vary depending on the attraction.

You can find more information on each attraction here.

Do you provide or rent towels at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Wet'n'Wild Sydney does not provide towels to guests, nor is there an ability to rent towels.

We encourage all of our guests to bring a beach towel with them when they visit. We do have towels available for purchase inside the park at That’s Swell retail shop.

Are you able to bring your own shade or umbrella
to Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

In an on-going effort to offer a safe and enjoyable environment for all park guests, pop-up shade structures or other shade devices requiring rope tie-downs are not permitted for use in the park.

Guests preferring to bring personal shade (including umbrellas) are restricted to low-profile devices that can be securely anchored to the ground. These shade structures can be set-up on our two main grass areas near the Coca-Cola shade areas, but cannot not be set-up on the grass terraces in front of The Beach.

The park staff reserves the right to approve/allow use of any personal shade devices. In the event of high winds situations, the park may require shade devices to be lowered and secured until conditions improve.

As with any personal items that may be brought into the park, Wet'n'Wild Sydney assumes no liability for damage or injury caused to or by an individual's shade device.

Can I reserve a Cabana at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes, you can book online soon or in park at Guest Services or Sales Kiosk. View full Cabanas information on our website.

How much does it cost to hire a locker at
Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

A limited number of single-day use lockers are available for hire. More information can be found here.

Lockers are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Locker purchases will be assigned to your MyBand and will provide unlimited keyless access to your locker throughout the day with just a wave of your wrist.

  • Regular Locker Size: 32.5 x 40 x 50cm $10.
  • Large Locker Size: 36 x 40 x 50cm $12.

There are four locker locations throughout the park that guests will be able to choose from once you have arrived in-park. These include:

  • Family Amenities & Lockers are located directly inside the park near Lil’ Fins Kids Cafe and adjacent to Wet’n’Wild Jr.
  • Green Amenities & Lockers are located between Boomerang Bay and The Surf Deck.
  • Yellow Amenities & Lockers are located on the southern end of The Beach.
  • Blue Amenities & Lockers are located on the northern end of The Beach.

Prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice. A $9.95 amendment fee applies for all changes. To make a change, please call 13 33 86.

Do you allow smoking at Wet’n’Wild Sydney?

Wet'n'Wild Sydney is proud to be a smoke free facility. In addition to complying with New South Wales laws regarding smoking in an aquatic facility, we also believe a smoke free facility helps us provide the best quality experience for our guests. We ask that all refrain from smoking whilst visiting the park.

Can I bring food into Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Guests are permitted to bring in their own food to Wet’n’Wild Sydney, some restrictions apply. This also includes food and beverage items for guests who may have special medical dietary needs, food allergies, and baby food (no glass containers).

Due to food safety standards, Wet'n'Wild Sydney is unable to store food products brought into the park.

Commercially prepared food, bulk food and alcohol are not permitted into the park.

You can find the Wet'n'Wild Sydney food policy here. Please check in with our front gate staff upon arrival to the park for assistance.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Wet’n’Wild Sydney is pleased to offer a variety of food to suit a range of dietary requirements. However, please be aware that there is always a risk that traces of the allergens may be transferred to items from our menu during processing. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any item sold is free from traces of allergens.

Our Gluten Free options available include:

  • Falafel salad
  • Falafel wrap
  • Caesar salad without croutons
  • Chips
  • Caramel slice
  • Fruits
  • Friands

Do you have Halal food available at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Wet’n’Wild Sydney offers a range of special meals. Our Food and Beverage team purchase Halal-certified products, however our kitchen and procedures are not Halal-certified.

For more information about our Food and Beverage Policy, please see "Can I bring food into Wet'n'Wild Sydney?" on this FAQs page, or look at the Park Rules & Policies page.

Do you have Kosher food available at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

We do not offer Kosher food inside the park. Special exceptions are made to our outside food and beverage policy to permit guests with special dietary needs to bring reasonable food and beverages into the park, please check in with our front gate staff upon arrival to the park for assistance.

For more information about our Food and Beverage Policy, please see "Can I bring food into Wet'n'Wild Sydney?" on this FAQs page. or look at the Park Rules & Policies page .

Are Eskies or coolers allowed in to Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Eskies and coolers are permitted into the park, however all bags, coolers and eskies are required to be checked by our security team before entering the park. This includes guests with medical supplies and equipment.

Can I bring a birthday cake in to Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Birthday cakes are permitted into the water park provided you inform us beforehand. We cannot offer storage or cutting utensils for birthday cakes. Please contact us through

To view our birthday party package options, please visit the Birthday Parties page.

Can I have a Birthday Party at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes! We love being part of your Birthday celebrations!

If you would like to make a birthday party booking, please visit the Birthday Parties page for all the information and booking forms. Adult birthday parties may find information on the Groups page.

Please note: Birthday Parties are based on availability and must be booked AND paid for in full, two weeks prior to the party date.

How do I get in contact with Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the FAQs page, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Online Form: Click here.

Email: You can also contact us by sending an email.

Phone: If you have a general enquiry or ticketing question, please give us call on 13 96 97.

In Person: The Wet'n'Wild Sydney Guest Services team are ready to help with all enquires related to your day at the park, including compliments, complaints, MyBands, MyMemories, and lost property. Guest Services is open during operating days. View Operating Hours here.

How do I request a Donation from Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

We are happy to accept donation requests via email only to

Please include the following information in your letter:

  • The date of event, the purpose of the fund-raiser, and any publicity that will be generated.
  • Name of organisation.
  • Event details: name of event, date of event.
  • Contact details: contact person and title, mailing address and phone number.

We will endeavour to get back to you with a response ASAP, however please allow enough lead time if a donation is required for an event.

How can I stay informed about what is happening
at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

We encourage you to sign up for our online newsletter, like us on Facebook and Instagram, or follow us on Twitter.

Can I upgrade my single day ticket to a season pass?

Yes, you can! You can upgrade your single Day Ticket or your Season Pass. Just visit the Box Office and pay the difference between the purchase price and the pass you wish to upgrade to.

My question isn't answered here. How may I contact you?

Please give us a call on 13 96 97, or send us an email.