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The Rocks in Sydney: Touring Sydney’s Historic Laneways

If you’re looking for a culturally significant, historically rich adventure to embark on in New South Wales, then visiting The Rocks in Sydney might be the perfect day trip for you. 

The Rocks in Sydney is an urban locality with a long, rich history and a whole host of tourist attractions. Located immediately north-west of the Sydney CBD, the area is close to other Sydney attractions and all the modern amenities you could hope for. 

History of The Rocks 

The Cadigal people are the original inhabitants of The Rocks area, referring to it as Tallawoladah. When settlers arrived in 1788, they gave it the name “The Rocks” because of the local sandstone used to build the first buildings on the land. Although many of the original buildings in the area were demolished to make way for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, much of The Rocks’ amazing history has been preserved. 

The Rocks in Sydney is home to a long list of Heritage-listed sites. You can see a full list of those sites, here


Things to do at The Rocks in Sydney 

Let the historic cobbled laneways of The Rocks lead you to some of Australia’s oldest pubs, amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, incredible markets and historical buildings. 

For the thrill-seekers among us, consider climbing the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to get the most breathtaking views in Australia. BridgeClimb enables you to climb the bridge and soak up the panoramic views of Sydney at your leisure. 

For a rich cultural experience, you can join The Rocks Walking Tours and learn about the area’s amazing, long history from professional guides. From the first colonial settlements, through the ages to the modern booming city that Sydney has become, there’s a lot to cover in the 90-minute Daily Tour. 

The Susannah Place Museum is another amazing stop for history lovers. Comprising four terrace houses, the Susannah Place Museum is a living history of the working class in the growing city of Sydney since its colonisation in the 18th century. 

You can stay updated on things to do at The Rocks in Sydney here. This website is constantly updating its users on markets, events and other goings-on in the area. 


Where to Eat and Drink at The Rocks in Sydney

There are tons of great places to eat and drink at The Rocks in Sydney, you simply have to decide where to start! How about starting with one of the oldest pubs in Australia, The Fortune of War? The pub was established in 1828 and stands strong to this day. 

For a simple snack, grab a sandwich or deli delight from 7 Rocks Deli. The cobblestone laneways will quickly tire you out, so consider quenching your thirst with some fresh-squeezed juice and a well-made meal from the Deli. 

Enjoy a beautiful alfresco experience dining at alpha POP, a Greek restaurant that sports an exclusive menu, great for sharing. Enjoy Greek generosity and hospitality in this immaculate venue. 

If you like the sound of a wood-fired feast, consider stopping by Pony Dining on your way through The Rocks in Sydney. Enjoy the atmosphere or Argyle Street in the heart of Sydney’s historic locality whilst you sate your hunger with delicious culinary creations. 

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