Must-have decor for your chic Sydney home

Decor can carry a room – and when it comes to living in Sydney, chic and timeless statement pieces are almost a requirement. If you’re looking to spruce your space up a little, look no further than these stylish gems, essential items and finishing touches.


Rustle up a cozy reading spot

If you’re a bookworm without a designated cute and cozy reading space, what on earth are you doing? Keep it cozy, light-filled and useful too –  there’s no such thing as wasted space! Granted, you might not have the space to dedicate to your bibliophilic habits, but you can always design your living room as a reading nook. Spruce it up with a chic armchair, day bed or vintage rug.


Add a stool to your bathroom

Love a good film in the bath? Save the splashes and invest in a funky bathroom stool. Not only will it make your bathroom feel more lux and lovely, it’s also a great addition to surface space and makes a home for that half-read book.


Install a bed canopy

One of the simplest ways to add a little oomph to your bedroom is to install a bed canopy. You can pick and choose your trimmings, but a plain and light white gauze will never go astray. 


Hang some statement art

Nothing is bolder than a beautiful big piece of statement art. Choose a blank and simple wall to fill with a large piece by your favourite artist, or create a montage wall filled to the brim with tinier pieces. If you don’t know where to begin looking, check out how to choose the perfect piece of wall art here.


Add a vibrant wall clock

Take it back it time and install a colourful wall clock to spruce up your living room. Not only is it a handy addition for time-keeping, it’s also guaranteed to add a pop of colour and excitement to any room.


Place a large, bold lamp in a corner

If you’re after some zing for your inner-city sanctuary, opt for a bold floor lamp. A timeless and classic floor lamp adds luxe and architectural oomph, and would make the perfect partner for your cozy reading nook.


Add some colour to your lights

After a saucy atmosphere? Trade in one (or more) a classic light bulb for a colourful one instead. Best suited to hallways or entryways, a pop of colour is guaranteed to spruce your living situation up.


Install trendy DIY blinds

For many first home buyers, or those who want the look of a luxurious home but who are on a budget, can look to buying DIY blinds online. Buying blinds from a brick-and-mortar retailer can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you require an in-house installation service as well. Luckily, with the emergence of E-Commerce and ever-improving technology, buying custom made blinds online to match the dimensions of your windows at home, and installing them yourself is easier than ever. Online DIY blinds retailers like Shades by You are transforming the blinds and shutters industry, making the process of ordering custom made window treatments simple and affordable – browse through the many fabrics and options for your blinds, shutters or curtains such as making them motorised, or choosing blockout materials, measure your window dimensions, and go ahead and order. There are many tutorials and YouTube videos online, or even check out your chosen suppliers own measuring and installation guides for help. You will have treny and chic blinds in your Sydney home in no time!


Invest in sweet floor cushions

For a grounding and cozy after-dinner nook, add some stylish floor cushions to the mix. Because what’s better than sitting on your couch? Sitting on a cloud of comfortable floor cushions, that’s what!


Take the legs off your marble coffee table

If you’re dedicated to the chic life and own a marble or glass topped table, rip the legs off and prop it up with some antique books or other items. If it feels inconvenient, it’s a sign you’re ready to invest in some otherworldly floor cushions.