About Wet'n'Wild Sydney

Wet'n'Wild Sydney features amazing world first attractions, interactive ride technology and takes fun to a whole new level for the entire family.

It’s so much more than a water park.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney sports over 40 slides and attractions including a whole zone dedicated to little water adventurers and adrenalin pumping action on some the tallest and fastest water rides in the world.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney is the biggest and best water theme park and home to a never-before-seen range of slides and attractions including heart pumping thrills on the world's tallest double SkyCoaster and the best beach ever with white sandy shores and no rips or sharks.

Don't miss Nickelodeon Beach, Australia's largest kid friendly water area and is home to some of the world’s best known and most lovable Nickelodeon characters including SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.

Top Ten Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and its uniquely vibrant culture sees it buzzing day and night. With big-city shopping, some of Australia’s best dining experiences, historic landmarks and beautiful beaches, the Harbour city is an iconic destination for tourists and is the perfect place to live for locals!

1) Visit Wet’n’Wild Sydney!

2) The Sydney Opera House

In terms of Australian icons, the Sydney Opera House ranks up there with the likes of Ayers Rock / Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef as perhaps the most recognisable symbol of Australia. Its unique, sail-like design and postcard-perfect location at beautiful Sydney Harbour make it one of the most highly photographed buildings in the world, and upon paying your first visit to see it in person; it's not hard to see why.

3) Climb the Harbour Bridge

Oprah’s done it. So has Bill Gates. Nicole Kidman, too. If you're going to do BridgeClimb, be sure to reserve some time: from start to finish, you’ll be there for three hours or so – but the view from the top is worth every second it takes to get there.

4) Cruise on Sydney Harbour

As one of the best possible ways to explore one of the world's most beautiful harbours, the sheer number of options means that the choice is yours when it comes to Sydney Harbour cruises. There's everything from dinner cruises, speedy jet boats, romantic sailing tours and vintage tall ship adventures to whet your appetite.

5) Visit the Blue Mountains

One of the most treasured nature-based destinations in the state of New South Wales, the Blue Mountains continue to be the destination of choice for those looking for a single or several day escape from the city. Combining epic, rugged scenery that blends greenery with some vast rocky outcroppings that contrast beautifully with one another, the Blue Mountains region is also rich with a bevy of native Aussie wildlife, leading it to be a location that has something to offer for almost everyone.

6) Visit Bondi

Bondi seduces many a nomad into staying put; chances are you won't hurry to leave. Swim, sunbathe or sign up for a surf lesson. Or take in the spectacular stretch of sandstone cliffs and coves of the Bondi-to-Bronte walk along a one-hour, 2.5-km coastal path.

7) See live music

Sydney’s humming night life means there is never a shortage of bands playing at a local pub. With the CBD offering a pub or club on almost every corner, you never know who you might get to see!

8) Sydney Tower

At twice the height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this is the perfect start to get your bearings on this amazing city and plan the rest of your journey, while also getting a true sense of the sheer scale of Sydney and its surrounds.

9) See Sydney From Above

A Sydney Hot Air Balloon Flight that provides absolutely stunning views not only of the city and its highlights but also more distant sights such as the spectacular Blue Mountains as well. Ballooning is a must-do activity once in your lifetime, and the serenity and peace provided by the experience is unmatched. You'll have to be an early riser, however, as ballooning adventures kick off before sunrise to allow you to get the full effect of the dawn gradually illuminating the landscape.

10) Skyline Drive-In Blacktown

Sydney's only drive-in underwent its first renovation in more than 50 years not long ago, one that gave the cinema a '50s-in-America '50s theme (Happy Days was the inspiration, naturally) and a new name. The drive-in is equipped with the latest digital technology and an upgraded sound system. Diner food like hamburgers and hot dogs are served by staff in era-appropriate costume.