Locker Hire Terms & Conditions

Locker Hire

  • Locker hire is not included in the price of admission
  • Lockers are available for hire for the storing of personal belongings. Guests may select from the following sizes: Regular (325x400x500) or Large (360x400x500)
  • Locker hire purchase will be assigned to your MyBand and will provide unlimited keyless access to your locker throughout the day
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your locker is secured properly at all times during the period of hire. We take no responsibility for items lost, stolen, misplaced and or damaged from your locker due to your incorrect use
  • Your locker hire expires at midnight on the day of hire. At this time all lockers will be opened and cleared of any remaining items which may be claimed from Wet’n’Wild Sydney’s Lost & Found located at Guest Services
  • We reserve the right to open/search/empty any locker if any illegal activity is suspected. At no time shall any dangerous, flammable or illegal substances or equipment be stored in a locker