MyBand Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form part of the Terms & Conditions of Purchase and Use of single and two day admission and season passes for Wet’n’Wild Sydney. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions when loading funds onto your MyBand and using it in-Park.

You must wear your MyBand at all times when in the Park.

Upon issue of your MyBand a photograph of you (the registered user) will either be taken by us at the Box Office and loaded onto your MyBand or loaded by you through your online account for the purpose of allowing you entry to the Park and verifying use of your MyBand in-Park.

When your MyBand is used in-Park a photograph of the registered user of the MyBand is displayed at the register for verification purposes. If the photograph of the registered user does not match the wearer of the MyBand then the band shall be confiscated and:-

  • the wearer will be required to purchase a single day entry ticket or leave the Park immediately
  • we may (depending upon the circumstances of mis-use and at our sole discretion) notify the registered user of the band that their MyBand is cancelled preventing any further entry into the Park

Your MyBand may also be cancelled in accordance with the terms and conditions of purchase and use of single day admission and season passes to the Park.

You are responsible for the security of your MyBand and preventing it from theft or misuse as you remain liable for any purchases made by a third party using your MyBand.

You must report the theft of your MyBand to the police. You must also advise us without delay if your MyBand is lost or stolen to ensure the band is deactivated.

If your MyBand is damaged or does not work properly or is lost or stolen then a new MyBand will be issued to you (a replacement fee of $10 is payable unless it does not work properly or a Police report is produced where your MyBand was stolen) and any balance of funds shall be transferred to your new MyBand.

You can load funds onto your MyBand at any time during Park operating hours as many times as you like by either using a credit card, a debit card or by paying cash however the maximum balance at any one time may not exceed $1,000.00.

Your MyBand can be used for all in-Park purchases including lockers, pay-for-play, retail and food & beverage items.

If you wish to use your MyBand to make a purchase just tell our team member and then tap it against the RFID scanners. Our team member will then confirm payment once your MyBand is properly scanned at the point of sale.

Any purchase that you wish to make that exceeds the available balance of your MyBand shall require you to pay the difference by another payment method e.g. cash or credit card.

If you want us to provide details of what purchases have been made using your MyBand then just contact Guest Services or the Box Office in-Park where (subject to verification of your identification) the information will be provided to you.

Funds credited to your MyBand may be refunded to you at any time by visiting the Box Office at the Park (you must produce a suitable form of identification at the time). The refund will be made in the same manner as you last loaded funds onto your MyBand.

If there is any unused balance on your MyBand at the end of the operating season then:-

  • it can be used if you purchase a Season Pass or a single or two day admission to the Park for the next season (the balance becomes active once you make the purchase) OR
  • you can get a refund by contacting our Call Centre who will organise the refund via a bank deposit.

If you have not activated your MyBand by the expiration of the following Park season then we will cancel your MyBand and the balance of funds will be transferred to you if we are able to contact you at your last known address but if not then it will be transferred to the Commonwealth Government as unclaimed money.

The MyBand issued to you shall at all times remain the property of Wet’n’Wild Sydney Pty Ltd.

You may transfer a valid MyBand to another person for their use by visiting the Box Office before entering the Park BUT a band can only be transferred to another person if it has not been previously used to gain entry into the Park during the current operating season.

You are referred to the terms of our Privacy Collection Statement which addresses the manner in which we collect and use any personal information that may be provided.

If you have any questions or wish to check the balance on your MyBand at any time please contact our Call Centre by telephoning 133 386 or visit the Box Office at the Park.