Accessibility Guide

We want your visit to Wet'n'Wild Sydney to be a fun and exciting experience you’ll never forget. That is why we’ll do all we can to ensure your day is not only memorable, but as safe and accessible as possible.

Accessible Parking

If you hold a current disabled parking permit, there is parking available adjacent to the main gate. These car parking spaces are clearly marked with the International Disability Symbol.

Entrance Prices

As not all attractions are fully accessible if you have a disability, we do offer a discounted rate if you:

  • Use a wheelchair
  • Have an intellectual, aural or visual disability
  • Have a Disability Pension Card

A disabled admission rate will be available for purchase at the box office located at the main gate only on the day of your visit upon the presentation of a State or Commonwealth issued Disability Pension Card.

Enjoy Your Day with a Companion

If you have a disability, you may consider visiting the park with someone who can physically assist you if necessary. A guest with a disability who produces their Companion Card is entitled to 1 Free of Charge companion so that their companion can provide attendant care support during the visit. Guests who produce a Carer's Card (or similar) issued by relevant State or Commonwealth authorities will be entitled to a discounted admission rate.

Emergency Health Services/First Aid

If you require personal medical equipment and/or medication to be refrigerated/stored please contact our Contact Centre on 13 33 86 prior to your day of visit to discuss your requirements.


Accessible restrooms are available at Wet'n'Wild Sydney.

Wheelchair and Stroller Hire

A limited number of wheelchairs and strollers are available from Guest Services. Wheelchair hire is available for a fully refundable $20 deposit upon return. Stroller hire is available for $20 with a $10 refundable deposit upon return.

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome in the park. However we cannot permit them on, or in, any of our attractions and they must wear their working vest identifying their role at all times.

Casts and Strapped Limbs

We take our duty of care to our guests very seriously, and therefore do not allow any guest with a visible injury, such as a hard cast, to ride any of the water slides.

For safety reasons, if you have an amputated limb or prosthesis, you may be unable to use some of our attractions.

We do understand that situations vary, and our Guest Services team can assist you to plan your day on an individual basis and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely. This can be done on the day you attend Wet’n’Wild Sydney by visiting Guest Services, located near the entry gate.

Guests with Epilepsy and Motion Sickness

Many of our attractions are not recommended if you have Epilepsy, motion sickness or experience seizures. We suggest you phone our Contact Centre prior to your visit for more information. As situations vary, our Guest Services team can assist you to plan your day on an individual basis and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely.

Eye Wear

In accordance with Australian Standard 3533.2 (2009) for the safety of all guests, eye wear including goggles and prescription glasses are not permitted on any of our rides or slides.

Guest Services

If you have additional questions, please contact our Contact Centre on 13 33 86.

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